HipSeekers Obligations:

During the term stated below, HipSeeker will undertake to carry out the following:

When instructed by you we will supply a HIP through our online portal, providing live progress tracking when and where needed. You will have the ability to verify the process has begun and track the HIPs progress until it is available for you.

Each and every HIP will be produced as quickly as feasibly possible; this is typically completed within 5 working days for a registered freehold property. Unregistered freeholds and leasehold properties may take longer due to the availability of third party documentation and services.

Provide the first hard-copy version of each completed HIP and make available further unlimited free on-line download versions. Further copies will be available in printed, CD and USB format at additional cost in your own branding if preferred.

Supply all Home Information Packs (HIPs) containing all Required Documents and requested Authorised Documents in accordance with the Code of Conduct of the Association of Home Information Pack Providers (AHIPP) and related HIPs legislation.

Supply all HIPs at the prices agreed in the pricing schedule enclosed with this document. Any variations will be sent to you in writing before taking effect.

Upon payment of a HIP, pay you any pre-agreed introductory fee as stated in the pricing schedule for referring each Seller to us for their HIP

Wherever possible enable you to nominate preferred suppliers and inspectors of your choice upon prior agreement of covering any additional costs over and above the costs of our normal suppliers.

Supply you with a unique username and password, giving you access to our online portal allowing you to view and update your HIP orders. This area can be branded in your own name.

Maintain Professional Indemnity Insurance to indemnify you against liability arising from action brought by professional and commercial bodies such as Trading Standards in respect of a HIP produced by us for you and it failing to satisfy the Home Information Pack Regulations

Provide you with a period of no less than one month's written notice, provided you have complied with what you have agreed to in this Agreement, should we wish to terminate this Agreement at any time.

Your Obligations:

During the term of this agreement you will undertake to:

Sell HipSeeker HIP’s as per the pricing schedule attached in these terms.

Not vary the terms and prices that HipSeeker HIP’s are sold to your Sellers, any variations including pricing and commissions will be notified to you in writing in advance.

Promptly supply accurate and sufficient information to enable us to supply you or your seller with a complete HIP. Including but not limited to sellers questionnaires, warranties and any additional Authorised documents that may be ordered.

Ensure that only trained responsible personnel operate the online portal. For the avoidance of doubt we use the term “responsible” within the meaning laid out in the HIPs legislation.

To comply with our terms of business as stated in the pricing schedule and assist in setting up any financial arrangements, if required by your Sellers for HIP payments.

To promptly pass on to us any payments made to you by your Sellers for HIPs produced by us.

Provide us with a period of no less than one month's written notice, provided we have complied with what we have agreed to in this Agreement, should you wish to terminate this Agreement at any time.


English law is applicable to any contract made under these terms

These terms and conditions are subject to change: if there are any amendments made to these terms, you will be notified in writing.